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[haxe]Install and Unite Test




#Install haxe
$sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eyecreate/haxe
$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install haxe libneko0
#Install HTML5
$sudo mkdir -p /usr/lib/haxe/lib
$sudo haxelib setup
$sudo haxelib install html5

Hello World

$mkdir src
$vim src/HelloWorld.hx
class HelloWorld {
    public function new() {
        trace("Hello World!");

    public static function main() {
        var app : HelloWorld = new HelloWorld();
$haxe -cp src -x HelloWorld
Application.hx:3: Hello World!

Unit Test

Test Case

$mkdir test
$vim test/TestCase.hx
class TestCase extends haxe.unit.TestCase {
    public function testExample(){
        assertEquals( "haxe", "haxe" );

Test Suite

$vim test/MyTestSuite.hx
class MyTestSuite {
    static function main(){
        var r = new haxe.unit.TestRunner();
        r.add(new TestCase());;

Compile & Execute

$vim test/compile.hxml
-neko mytestsuite.n
-main MyTestSuite
$haxe test/compile.hxml
$neko test/mytestsuite.n
Class: TestCase .

OK 1 tests, 0 failed, 1 success

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