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Only Command
# Install pythonbrew
$ curl -kL | bash
$ pythonbrew install 2.7.2

#Install node.js
$ vim ~/.bash_profile
[[ -s $HOME/.pythonbrew/etc/bashrc ]] && source $HOME/.pythonbrew/etc/bashrc
$source ~/.bash_profile
$pythonbrew switch 2.7.2
$git clone git:// ~/.nvm
$nvm install v0.8.7
$source ~/.nvm/
$nvm use v0.8.7

#Create .npmrc
$vim ~/.npmrc
registry = 

#Install coffee-script
$npm install coffee-script
$npm install jasmine-node

#Add path to node_module
$vim ~/.bash_profile
$source ~/.bash_profile

#You can use commands below
$coffee -c
$jasmine-node --coffee spec/

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