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Memo of TDDBC Tokyo 2013-07



Cycle of TDD

  1. Decide Next Target
  2. Write Test Code To Achieve The Target
  3. Make The Test Fail To Run(RED)
  4. Write Objective Code
  5. Make It Success That The Test Code At Step3(Green)
  6. Do Refactoring Keeping Test Case Success(Refactor)
  7. Go Back Step1

Golden Cycle

  1. Red(Beautiful/Not Work -> Durty/Not Work)
  2. Green(Durty/Not Work -> Durty/Work)
  3. Refactoring(Durty/Work -> Beautiful/Work)

Merit of TDD

Physiological Thing!
  • To Get Feedback Immediately
  • To Get Confidence For Your Code
  • To Get Confidence For Your Code In The Future

Fragile Test

  • It Takes Too Much Time For Developing
  • It’s Too Detail
  • Other Test Depends On It

Fake it

  • Implementation For Test
  • To Use For First Implementation
  • Return Const Value At First
  • After Success The Test Case, Change Case From Const Value To Expressionく


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