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   Oct 06

Install fluentd and try to use it on ubuntu 12.04LTS

fluentd Target Install fluentd and try to make it output what is echo output. Install Fluentd Config File Setting Star […]
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   Sep 08

[node.js]Try to use jQuery Deferred

Target Sequence processing callback with jQuery Deferred. Program Made a program to insert response from tabel […]
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   Aug 28

(日本語) [git][gitweb][nginx]Ubuntu12.04LTSサーバにgitリポジトリ作って gitweb を入れる

gitweb Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.
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   Aug 25

[node.js]Insert restaurant information from TabelogAPI to mongoDB

食べログAPI Target Same as title. It’s just memo to remember how to use config file (yaml) and write log. Source cod […]
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   Aug 18

[node.js]what libraries we can use for crawling website : cheerio

I’ll use libraries which are “request” and “cheerio”. “request” allo […]
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   Aug 14

[express][socket.io]Check it out that chat demo

Reference ※This article is just memo when I read the article above. 1.Receiver It’s good that I write be […]
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   Aug 11

[mongoose]How to connect DBs

Use createConnection.
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   Aug 09

[ruby][nokogiri]Count nouns with news title using Yahoo news API and Yahoo morphological analysis API

Target Count nouns with news titles using Yahoo news API and Yahoo morphological analysis API. Source Gemfile […]
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   Aug 05

[mongoose][mongoDB]How to select collection

Select collection at “lower case of collection_name+s” part below. Note that you have to add ̶ […]
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   Aug 04

[node.js][express]RESTful API part2

Target Output data dynamically with mongoDB and GET parameters. Source
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   Jul 28

[node.js][express][coffeescript] RESTful API part1

Target Make RESTful API with node.js, express and coffee script. Prepare Environment Write model with Coffee S […]
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   Jul 27

Memo of TDDBC Tokyo 2013-07

URL http://tddbc.doorkeeper.jp/events/4663 Cycle of TDD Decide Next Target Write Test Code To Achieve The Targ […]
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   Jul 25

[Haskell]Least Fixed-Point

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   Jul 24

Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part5

Set initial value to weights and threshold(weight_input_hidden, weight_hidden_output, threshold_hidden), prepa […]
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   Jul 21

[mysql]How to check version

It’s easy to check. Login Type “select version();” That’s all.
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   Jul 20

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part4

Target I wrote tiny sample program about neural network. So, I’ll organize equations for memo. Neural Ne […]
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   Jul 18

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part3

Target Previous neural network program doesn’t work. So I’ll fix the problem. Program I made mista […]
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   Jul 16

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part2

Continue yesterday’s thing. I write whole thing, but it doesn’t work. Weights become NaN… I& […]
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   Jul 15

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part1

Target I just want to write neural network program. So, I’ll write it with most decent method which is m […]
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   Jul 14

[Ruby][Rspec]File Output Test

Target I want to write test code for file output batch with Rspec. Program Batch Output csv file which has dat […]
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