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   May 17

How to install R which is free ware for Statistical Analysis

by zuqqhi2 at 2015年5月17日

Excel is very useful, but there is more suitable software for data analysis and visualization with statistics and machine learning.
That’s R. R provides interfaces to analyze data with mathematics easily.
In this article, I’ll share how to install R on Windows.

Target Environment

  • OS
    • Windows7 Enterprise Service Pack1
  • R
    • 3.2.0

Install Flow

It’s easy to install R. Just run installer.

  1. Click here and move to download page
  2. Click “base”
  3. ダウンロードサイト

  4. Click “Download R 3.2.0 for Windows” and start to download
  5. インストーラーダウンロード

  6. Dboule-click downloaded installer
  7. Just push “Next” button like following
  8. 言語選択

Behavior Check

Let’s check R behavior a little bit.

  1. Double-click shortcut icon (you can choose 32bit or 64bit version)
  2. ショートカット

  3. Check built-in dataset and visualization
  4. > iris
    > plot(iris)


How to install library

R has many kind of library about statistics and machine learning.
Actually, I download new library and analyze data when I do new analysis.
I’d like to share how to install library in R.

  1. Click “Package” and “Install Package” in menu
  2. ライブラリ1

  3. Choose “Japan(Tokyo)” as mirror site to download library
  4. ライブラリ2

  5. Choose library which you want to install (in this time choose “arules” which is association analysis library
  6. ライブラリ3

  7. Check loading library
  8. > library(arules)
    > data(Groceries)
    > Groceries


Then you have knowledge about installing and basic operation.

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