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Solved LeetCode Problems More Than 300

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I changed the job last year. I heard that there is coding interview in the company’s interview. So, I studied algorithms and practices solving coding problems at LeetCode. I have solved LeetCode coding problems even if after job change. Then now number of solved problems is 331! Number of Easy, Medium and Hard questions is following:
  • Easy : 204 / 461
  • Medium : 113 / 921
  • Hard : 14 / 373
Actually after job change I have solved almost Easy problems though… By the way, after job change I just solve problems in order. But, before job change, I solved problems on the following Web sites. Excuse me, first one is Japanese Web site. I follow the following steps to be able to solve similar problems at interview.
  1. Solving problems on コーディング面接対策のために解きたいLeetCode 60問.
  2. Reading Tech Interview Handbook and solving problems on that site.
  3. Solving problems on コーディング面接対策のために解きたいLeetCode 60問 until solving problems within 30 min without seeing any document.
Now I can solve problems not on those Web sites for 1 ~ 5 min for Easy, 15 ~ 30 min for Medium problems. Sometimes still I can’t solve Medium problem though… At screening, I could solve a coding problem immediately because of study using LeetCode.

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