プログラミング + アカデミック + 何か面白いこと

   Aug 31

[node.js][exprees]How to take snapshot of CPU and Heap

Overview I used to be annoyed by memory leak (and CPU load) when I use node.js for web app development. I trie […]
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   Aug 24

[StreamingAPI][Ruby]Try to build Streaming API with Ruby

Overview Try to build Streaming API with rack-stream library. Environment OS Linux www4322gi 3.2.0-64-generic […]
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   Aug 11

[php5-fpm]Check point for heavy site with php5-fpm

Overview One day a site return 500 status with Nginx+php5-fpm+Wordpress structure. I checked Nginx error log. […]
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   Aug 03

[PCL][Python][CPP]Install Python PCL(Point Cloud Library) And Run Sample Program

Overview Try to use python binding of Point Cloud Library(Point Processing Library) Python binding can treat a […]
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   Jul 20

[Test][ShellScript]Write test code and measure C0 coverage for shell(bash) using shunit2 and shcov

Outline Write test code and measure coverage for TDD with shell script. I’ll use shunit2 for test and sh […]
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   Jul 13

[Test][CoffeeScript]Measure coverage with Coffee Script Mocha Blanket

Overview Measure C0 coverage of CoffeeScript by Mocha/Blanket. Environment OS: Ubuntu 12.04LTS Node.js v0.10.2 […]
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   Jul 06

[Go]{LeastSquareMethod]Optimize parameters with polynomial by Least Square Method

Required partial differentiation Elementary matrix Least Square Method 20140706 zuqqhi2-lsm-v1 from Hidetomo S […]
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   Jun 29

[Plotinum][Go]Draw chart with Go lang

Outline We can draw charts with Go lang using Plotinum. I’ll draw a chart with the library. Install It&# […]
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   Jun 22

[Algorithm] Greedy Method

Target Greedy Method Apply Greedy Method To The Problem Source Code Result
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   Jun 15

[Algorithm]Solve Maze By Depth-First Search

Target Solve a maze by Depth-First Search. Representation of Maze Representation of a Point Model What’s […]
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   Apr 13

[Java]Install JDK 7

Target Environment
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   Apr 12

[Perl]Install plenv

What’s plenv How to install
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   Apr 02

[Coffee Script][Jenkins]Measure Coverage with Karma

jenkins nginx Karma Setting Needed Library Cakefile Setting Preparing converter from coffee script to javascript to work Kar […]
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   Mar 08

Issue query with client side javascript to ElasticSearch

Environment Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 関連情報 How to install Outline Prepare data Make index Make type Insert test data Se […]
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   Feb 26

[Android][Scala][Windows7]Develop Android App with Scala

Target Scala is better than Java for me, So I’ll try to develop Android app with scala. Actually, I want […]
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   Feb 09

[ElasticSearch][Kibana][Fluentd][Nginx] Make a Site Measurement Organization

Overview Try to construct a organization like the figure. Install ElasticSearch Download Elastic Search from f […]
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   Nov 24

[Grunt][CoffeeScript]Make minified JS from CoffeeScript when source file is updated

Target Make a system to monitor source files, do tests, compile and minify when the files are updated. We can […]
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   Nov 22

[Shell][mysql]Monitor mysqld process and reboot it if it’s needed

Target mysqld die sometimes at my web app, So I tried to make a shell script to reboot the process if the proc […]
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   Nov 21

[Ruby]Retrieve English tweets from Twitter Streaming API and insert them into mongoDB

Fluentd Twitter plugin didn’t work, so I tried to make a program which get tweets from twitter streaming […]
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   Oct 19

Install zsh and Set to show adage at login

Target Install zsh to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and set to show adage at login. Install zsh Set zsh to default shell Co […]
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