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   Dec 12

[OpenCV][Ruby]Auto check web page design corruption

Under construction… Please see japanease version.

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   Jul 20

Browser Side Unit test by Mocha and Chai – From Prepare Environment to jQuery Deferred –


 Do browser side unit test using Mocha and Chai. This article includes how to prepare environment, how to test […]

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   Mar 25

Proof Driven Development with Coq

Under construction…

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   Nov 30

[SeleniumRC][Ruby]Auto Browser Test Using Webdriver Remote with Firefox,IE,Chrome

Background I used to use Selenium RC to do browser test for my products. I’d like to share of how to use […]

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   Nov 09

[jslint][javascript]Code quality check using jslint with command

Overview I think Javascript is difficult for operation. If you use jslint which is code quality check tool, yo […]

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   Jul 20

[Test][ShellScript]Write test code and measure C0 coverage for shell(bash) using shunit2 and shcov

Outline Write test code and measure coverage for TDD with shell script. I’ll use shunit2 for test and sh […]

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   Jul 13

[Test][CoffeeScript]Measure coverage with Coffee Script Mocha Blanket

Overview Measure C0 coverage of CoffeeScript by Mocha/Blanket. Environment OS: Ubuntu 12.04LTS Node.js v0.10.2 […]

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   Apr 02

[Coffee Script][Jenkins]Measure Coverage with Karma

jenkins nginx

Karma Setting Needed Library Cakefile Setting Preparing converter from coffee script to javascript to work Kar […]

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   Jul 14

[Ruby][Rspec]File Output Test

Target I want to write test code for file output batch with Rspec. Program Batch Output csv file which has dat […]

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   Jun 21

[Coq]Try to define Monad of list

Definition of List Monad Try to define Monad of Haskell. It needs following characters. f(return(A),g) = g(A) […]

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   Mar 11


Only Command

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   Mar 05

[Selenium]Change User Agent with IDE

Input following code as VerifyEval and “true” to expect value box.

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   Mar 02

[Ubuntu][Jenkins]Install and Setting

jenkins nginx

I thought I want to use Jenkins not only work place but also private environment, I tried to install jenkins. […]

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