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   Dec 21

[Play][Scala]Develop Request Driven Batch Using PlayFramework

Under construction…

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   Mar 29

Install Scala and Sbt

Scala is a kind of hybrid language which is object oriented and functional. Sbt is build tool. Sbt provides ma […]

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   Sep 07

[scala][sbt]How to use plugin

Target Memo for using plugin with Sbt. It’s difficult to find memo for stranger with Google. That’ […]

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   Feb 26

[Android][Scala][Windows7]Develop Android App with Scala

Target Scala is better than Java for me, So I’ll try to develop Android app with scala. Actually, I want […]

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   Jun 01

[Scala][Play2]Install it on EC2

I would like to use scala, so I installed play framework. That’s all.

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   May 20

[Scala]Data scaling with linear interpolation

What I want to do I’ll try to transform data with studying Scala. I’ll do scaling data with Linear […]

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   Mar 03

[Scaka]Pancake Sort

Image Video of Pancake Sort Source code of scala

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