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   Dec 12

[OpenCV][Ruby]Auto check web page design corruption

Under construction… Please see japanease version.

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   Mar 14

[RabbitMQ]How to install RabbitMQ in Ubuntu, run sample app and management screen

Goal Do following: Install RabbitMQ in Ubuntu(12.04) Run sample ruby client Run Web UI Environment OS Linux ve […]

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   Nov 30

[SeleniumRC][Ruby]Auto Browser Test Using Webdriver Remote with Firefox,IE,Chrome

Background I used to use Selenium RC to do browser test for my products. I’d like to share of how to use […]

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   Nov 02

[API][MySQL][Ruby][JSON]Insert Event Information from ATND via ATND API

Overview Try to insert event data from ATND which is event support web site in Japan. Environment OS Linux ver […]

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   Aug 24

[StreamingAPI][Ruby]Try to build Streaming API with Ruby

Overview Try to build Streaming API with rack-stream library. Environment OS Linux www4322gi 3.2.0-64-generic […]

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   Nov 21

[Ruby]Retrieve English tweets from Twitter Streaming API and insert them into mongoDB

Fluentd Twitter plugin didn’t work, so I tried to make a program which get tweets from twitter streaming […]

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   Aug 09

[ruby][nokogiri]Count nouns with news title using Yahoo news API and Yahoo morphological analysis API

Target Count nouns with news titles using Yahoo news API and Yahoo morphological analysis API. Source Gemfile […]

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   Jul 18

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part3

Target Previous neural network program doesn’t work. So I’ll fix the problem. Program I made mista […]

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   Jul 16

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part2

Continue yesterday’s thing. I write whole thing, but it doesn’t work. Weights become NaN… I& […]

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   Jul 15

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part1

Target I just want to write neural network program. So, I’ll write it with most decent method which is m […]

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   Jul 14

[Ruby][Rspec]File Output Test

Target I want to write test code for file output batch with Rspec. Program Batch Output csv file which has dat […]

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   Jun 16

[Hadoop][Ruby]Hadoop Streaming Training

I want to calculate log data which contains who searches with keyword to make data for search word ranking. Ne […]

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   May 29

[Hadoop][Ruby]Hadoop Streaming First Step

Write Map Reduce code with Ruby First is Mapper. Next is Reducer. Finish to write. Next is test. Done! Do with […]

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   May 22

[Ruby][ImageProcessing]Try to make environment for image processing

1. Install RVM 2. Install libimlib2-ruby 3. Try to write a program which makes color image to gray scale image […]

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