プログラミング + アカデミック + 何か面白いこと

   Dec 23

[Node.js]How to write batch script with Node.js

Introduction This is one of article of Node.js Advent Calendar 2016. Purpose Sometimes, I need to write Node.j […]

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   Nov 16

[Node.js][Meetup]LT of Tokyo Node School Festival 2014

I gave a LT of Tokyo Node School Festival2014. Slide is following(Japanease only). 20141115_node_school_festiv […]

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   Sep 13

[Node.js][Kibana]Try to add reverse proxy function

Overview Only a host in internal network can access to Elastic Search cluster. So conventional way is the Kiba […]

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   Aug 31

[node.js][exprees]How to take snapshot of CPU and Heap

Overview I used to be annoyed by memory leak (and CPU load) when I use node.js for web app development. I trie […]

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   Sep 08

[node.js]Try to use jQuery Deferred

Target Sequence processing callback with jQuery Deferred. Program Made a program to insert response from tabel […]

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   Aug 25

[node.js]Insert restaurant information from TabelogAPI to mongoDB


Target Same as title. It’s just memo to remember how to use config file (yaml) and write log. Source cod […]

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   Aug 18

[node.js]what libraries we can use for crawling website : cheerio

I’ll use libraries which are “request” and “cheerio”. “request” allo […]

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   Aug 14

[express][socket.io]Check it out that chat demo

Reference ※This article is just memo when I read the article above. 1.Receiver It’s good that I write be […]

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   Aug 11

[mongoose]How to connect DBs

Use createConnection.

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   Aug 04

[node.js][express]RESTful API part2

Target Output data dynamically with mongoDB and GET parameters. Source

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   Jul 28

[node.js][express][coffeescript] RESTful API part1

Target Make RESTful API with node.js, express and coffee script. Prepare Environment Write model with Coffee S […]

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   Jun 27

[Javascript][Node.js][express]Connection with mongodb

I’ll make a program which save and read data with mongodb. At first I’ll make template using expre […]

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   Jun 23

[Javascript][node.js]Try to use jsdom

I tried to run ember.js on node.js. But I couldn’t get node.js, so I made something different compared w […]

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   Jun 15

[Node.js][Nginx]Install and boot Node.js

Install Node.js Try to boot Node.js after install it and set nginx config file. First is installing Node.js. P […]

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