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   Mar 03

[Meteor.js][MongoDB][Javascript]How to use existing MongoDB

Goal Use existing MongoDB collection in Meteor.js app. Environment OS Linux version 3.2.0-64-generic (buildd@k […]

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   Nov 21

[Ruby]Retrieve English tweets from Twitter Streaming API and insert them into mongoDB

Fluentd Twitter plugin didn’t work, so I tried to make a program which get tweets from twitter streaming […]

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   Sep 08

[node.js]Try to use jQuery Deferred

Target Sequence processing callback with jQuery Deferred. Program Made a program to insert response from tabel […]

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   Aug 11

[mongoose]How to connect DBs

Use createConnection.

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   Aug 05

[mongoose][mongoDB]How to select collection

Select collection at “lower case of collection_name+s” part below. Note that you have to add &#822 […]

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   Jun 27

[Javascript][Node.js][express]Connection with mongodb

I’ll make a program which save and read data with mongodb. At first I’ll make template using expre […]

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