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   Dec 21

[Play][Scala]Develop Request Driven Batch Using PlayFramework

Under construction…

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   Mar 03

[Meteor.js][MongoDB][Javascript]How to use existing MongoDB

Goal Use existing MongoDB collection in Meteor.js app. Environment OS Linux version 3.2.0-64-generic (buildd@k […]

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   Jan 12

[Javascript][Three.js][3D]Showing 3D Model of OBJ Format and Mouse Operation

Target Showing OBJ format 3D Model and doing mouse operation. Environment OS Linux 2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64 #1 SM […]

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   Dec 14

[Haskell][XML][CompleteSuggestionAPI]Parse result xml of Google Complete Suggestion API with Haskell

Target Try to parse result XML of Google Complete Suggestion API with Haskell. Environment OS Linux 2.6.32-279 […]

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   Sep 21

[TwitterBootstrap][CSS]Change navbar

Overview A page which has how to change navbar of Twitter Bootstrap looks nothing. This is a memo for it. Envi […]

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   Mar 08

Issue query with client side javascript to ElasticSearch

Environment Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 関連情報 How to install Outline Prepare data Make index Make type Insert test data Se […]

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   Nov 24

[Grunt][CoffeeScript]Make minified JS from CoffeeScript when source file is updated

Target Make a system to monitor source files, do tests, compile and minify when the files are updated. We can […]

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   Jun 12

[CoffeeScript]Animation with Canvas on HTML5

I want to watch a statistical algorithm’s behavior, so I wrote animation program with Coffee Script and […]

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   May 30

[Javascript][Three.js]mouse move

I make html file which is previous three.js article’s index.html load new main.js which is below. Result […]

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   May 29

[Javascript]Three.js trial

Three.js allows us to draw 3D CG on browser. threejs.org I’ll draw cube using it. Reference page is here […]

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