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   Dec 23

[Node.js]How to write batch script with Node.js

Introduction This is one of article of Node.js Advent Calendar 2016. Purpose Sometimes, I need to write Node.j […]

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   Dec 21

[Play][Scala]Develop Request Driven Batch Using PlayFramework

Under construction…

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   Mar 21

Memo for Installing Mahout on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


Only Command

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   Mar 14

[RabbitMQ]How to install RabbitMQ in Ubuntu, run sample app and management screen

Goal Do following: Install RabbitMQ in Ubuntu(12.04) Run sample ruby client Run Web UI Environment OS Linux ve […]

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   Feb 15

[Javascript][Meteor.js]Install and Hello World

Meteor.js Meteor.js is one of Javascript server side framework. It is based on Node.js, but it’s complet […]

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   Dec 21

[Twitter4j][Java]Retweet most popular tweet with twitter4j

Target Retweet a tweet which has been retweeted many times. Environment OS Linux 2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP […]

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   Nov 02

[API][MySQL][Ruby][JSON]Insert Event Information from ATND via ATND API

Overview Try to insert event data from ATND which is event support web site in Japan. Environment OS Linux ver […]

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   Oct 19

[Shell][Bash]Try Catch Finally

Background Error handling in Bash is little bit difficult. But, “set command” and “trap comm […]

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   Sep 28

[Nginx][Cronolog]Simple Log rotation

Overview Set log rotation with Cronolog. Environment OS Linux www4322gi 3.2.0-64-generic #97-Ubuntu SMP Wed Ju […]

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   Sep 13

[Node.js][Kibana]Try to add reverse proxy function

Overview Only a host in internal network can access to Elastic Search cluster. So conventional way is the Kiba […]

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   Sep 07

[scala][sbt]How to use plugin

Target Memo for using plugin with Sbt. It’s difficult to find memo for stranger with Google. That’ […]

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   Aug 31

[node.js][exprees]How to take snapshot of CPU and Heap

Overview I used to be annoyed by memory leak (and CPU load) when I use node.js for web app development. I trie […]

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   Aug 24

[StreamingAPI][Ruby]Try to build Streaming API with Ruby

Overview Try to build Streaming API with rack-stream library. Environment OS Linux www4322gi 3.2.0-64-generic […]

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   Jun 29

[Plotinum][Go]Draw chart with Go lang

Outline We can draw charts with Go lang using Plotinum. I’ll draw a chart with the library. Install It&# […]

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   Apr 13

[Java]Install JDK 7

Target Environment

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   Apr 12

[Perl]Install plenv

What’s plenv How to install

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   Feb 09

[ElasticSearch][Kibana][Fluentd][Nginx] Make a Site Measurement Organization

Overview Try to construct a organization like the figure. Install ElasticSearch Download Elastic Search from f […]

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   Nov 24

[Grunt][CoffeeScript]Make minified JS from CoffeeScript when source file is updated

Target Make a system to monitor source files, do tests, compile and minify when the files are updated. We can […]

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   Nov 22

[Shell][mysql]Monitor mysqld process and reboot it if it’s needed

Target mysqld die sometimes at my web app, So I tried to make a shell script to reboot the process if the proc […]

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   Nov 21

[Ruby]Retrieve English tweets from Twitter Streaming API and insert them into mongoDB

Fluentd Twitter plugin didn’t work, so I tried to make a program which get tweets from twitter streaming […]

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