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   Aug 07

[Hive]Get top n items for each category

I’ll show you how to achieve the task which I mentioned in the title by hive. rank function is important […]

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   Mar 28

Create Basic Clower

Under construction…

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   Jun 22

[Algorithm] Greedy Method

Target Greedy Method Apply Greedy Method To The Problem Source Code Result

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   Jun 15

[Algorithm]Solve Maze By Depth-First Search

Target Solve a maze by Depth-First Search. Representation of Maze Representation of a Point Model What’s […]

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   Jul 25

[Haskell]Least Fixed-Point

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   Jul 13

[Coq]Binarize with Proof Driven Development part1

Target Try to develop function which binarize image with Proof Driven Development. Coq Target Try to develop f […]

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   Jul 04

[Haskell]Banana-Split Law part1

What I want to do I want to implement an example of banana-split law. ・(|f|),(|g|)・=(|・f”F(π1),g&#8221 […]

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   Jun 29

[Go]Output Fibonacci Series

Output Fibonaaci Series with Go. Run.

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   May 20

[Scala]Data scaling with linear interpolation

What I want to do I’ll try to transform data with studying Scala. I’ll do scaling data with Linear […]

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   May 14

[Parser][PEG]Try to use PEG.js for rich config file

Lately, I’m interested in PEG(Parsing Expression Grammar) which can treat wider grammar than CFG(Context […]

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   Mar 03

[Scaka]Pancake Sort

Image Video of Pancake Sort Source code of scala

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