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   Aug 26

Install sbt 1.0.0 and run sample template

Purpose Recently sbt version has become 1.0.0. I tried to setup with it, but a way was a little bit different […]

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   Jan 08

[Machine Learning]Created docker image including python ML libraries

Introduction Some time taking much time to install libraries related machine learning and sandbox environment […]

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   Dec 23

[Node.js]How to write batch script with Node.js

Introduction This is one of article of Node.js Advent Calendar 2016. Purpose Sometimes, I need to write Node.j […]

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   Dec 21

[Play][Scala]Develop Request Driven Batch Using PlayFramework

Under construction…

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   Dec 12

[OpenCV][Ruby]Auto check web page design corruption

Under construction… Please see japanease version.

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   Aug 07

[Hive]Get top n items for each category

I’ll show you how to achieve the task which I mentioned in the title by hive. rank function is important […]

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   Sep 22

Web Server Contribution by Vagrant and Ansible on Windows


 We can build virtual machine by Vagrant. We can make built machine install software and deploy application by […]

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   Jul 20

Browser Side Unit test by Mocha and Chai – From Prepare Environment to jQuery Deferred –


 Do browser side unit test using Mocha and Chai. This article includes how to prepare environment, how to test […]

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   May 17

How to install R which is free ware for Statistical Analysis


Excel is very useful, but there is more suitable software for data analysis and visualization with statistics […]

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   Apr 09

Local Develop Env in Python


Note : Updated at 2016/12/29 This article’s topic is how to contribute local develop env in python with […]

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   Mar 29

Install Scala and Sbt

Scala is a kind of hybrid language which is object oriented and functional. Sbt is build tool. Sbt provides ma […]

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   Mar 29

Install Apache Hadoop

Standalone mode Environment Amazon EC2 t1.micro instance (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) Install JDK Install Apache Hadoop […]

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   Mar 28

Create Basic Clower

Under construction…

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   Mar 25

Proof Driven Development with Coq

Under construction…

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   Mar 24

Install ElasticSearch on ubuntu

Install Download Elastic Search from following URL. http://www.elasticsearch.org/overview/elkdownloads/ Behavi […]

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   Mar 21

Memo for Installing Mahout on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


Only Command

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   Mar 14

[RabbitMQ]How to install RabbitMQ in Ubuntu, run sample app and management screen

Goal Do following: Install RabbitMQ in Ubuntu(12.04) Run sample ruby client Run Web UI Environment OS Linux ve […]

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   Mar 03

[Meteor.js][MongoDB][Javascript]How to use existing MongoDB

Goal Use existing MongoDB collection in Meteor.js app. Environment OS Linux version 3.2.0-64-generic (buildd@k […]

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   Feb 15

[Javascript][Meteor.js]Install and Hello World

Meteor.js Meteor.js is one of Javascript server side framework. It is based on Node.js, but it’s complet […]

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   Feb 07

[LeapMotion][Javascript]Try to use Leap Motion with Javascript

Target Leap Motion is a gesture detector especially hands. I’ll try to use Leap Motion with Javascript. […]

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