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   Dec 13

[Just Touch]Microsoft Quantum Development Kit

Under construction…

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   May 21

Visualization of Neural Network and its Training using Tensorboard

Introduction Sometimes I guess you think you want to visualize Neural Networks and see learning curve immediat […]

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   Jan 08

[Machine Learning]Created docker image including python ML libraries

Introduction Some time taking much time to install libraries related machine learning and sandbox environment […]

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   Dec 12

[OpenCV][Ruby]Auto check web page design corruption

Under construction… Please see japanease version.

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   Dec 11

[MachineLearning]How to introduce to real project

Under construction…

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   Jun 17

Collaborative Filtering by Mahout


Try to do collaborative Filtering by Mahout. Mahout provides machine learning functions and we can use them wi […]

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   Apr 19

Excel2010を使って t検定 で新手法と旧手法の差を統計的に調べる(Japanese Only)


I don’t have English version of Excel. So, Japanese only in this article. Sorry…

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   Mar 27

Basic Clustering

Under construction…

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   Mar 26

Collaborative Filtering

Under construction…

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   Jan 18

[Java][Web Camera][Background Subtraction]Apply Background Subtraction for Web Camera Movie

Target 1. Get web camera movie 2. Apply simple background subtraction for it Environment OS Windows 7 Enterpri […]

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   Aug 03

[PCL][Python][CPP]Install Python PCL(Point Cloud Library) And Run Sample Program

Overview Try to use python binding of Point Cloud Library(Point Processing Library) Python binding can treat a […]

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   Jul 06

[Go]{LeastSquareMethod]Optimize parameters with polynomial by Least Square Method

Required partial differentiation Elementary matrix Least Square Method 20140706 zuqqhi2-lsm-v1 from Hidetomo S […]

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   Jul 24

Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part5

Set initial value to weights and threshold(weight_input_hidden, weight_hidden_output, threshold_hidden), prepa […]

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   Jul 20

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part4

Target I wrote tiny sample program about neural network. So, I’ll organize equations for memo. Neural Ne […]

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   Jul 18

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part3

Target Previous neural network program doesn’t work. So I’ll fix the problem. Program I made mista […]

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   Jul 16

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part2

Continue yesterday’s thing. I write whole thing, but it doesn’t work. Weights become NaN… I& […]

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   Jul 15

[Ruby]Neural Net Learning with Most Decent Method part1

Target I just want to write neural network program. So, I’ll write it with most decent method which is m […]

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   Jul 13

[Haskell]Image Processing Horizontal Edge

Target Output horizontal edge image. Program Result Input Output

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   Jul 11

[Haskell]Make Inverse Image

Target I’ve been able to read and output PGM format image. So, I’ll make image processing program […]

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   Jul 09

[Haskell]Input PGM file part2

What I want to do Yesterday’s result can read header. Next is reading pixel information. Program It&#821 […]

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